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Before you start your business

Each one of us is embedded with massive unique talents that the world at large would highly benefit from. The onus is on us to explore within our selves and find that which is unique and in us. Even the most successful businesses started as an idea and are grown from there. When searching the inner you for business ideas ensure you write them down. Search around you for similar ideas.

I have listed below 3 things you should consider before you engage any business both online or offline. It is better to choose a business that is in line with your talents. It will be easier to development your business from your talents as these are usually things that flow from you naturally.

Work from your strengths

Identify your strengths and write them down. It is easy to work from your strengths as expanding on them will flow naturally. This is the best thing to do and will ensure that you put out your best. When searching for your strengths also write down your weaker strengths. By working to perfect the minor strengths they could just develop into your major talents. You are a better person when you know and work to improve your minor strengths. They say “success is not measured by what we have but by the many obstacles we overcome to reach it”.

After knowing your strengths both weak and major. Take the time to understand them. Go through them one at a time. It is important to take notes and refer to them time after time. This will enable you understand them even better. You could ask for opinions from closely related people but remember it is only you who knows your self better than anyone else when making the final decision.

Create a strategy

Devise a strategy. Say an easy to follow strategy. Work it every day. Persistence and patience should be by your side. You get your results not from your strategy but how it is executed. Give your self room to adjust your strategy if you are not getting the desired results. Success will come through practically applying what ever knowledge you have acquired through reading.

You need to include your long term and short term goals in your strategy. This will help you remain focused. Remember you can always adjust your strategies depending on whether they are still relevant are not giving you the desired results. Strategies have to be done for both online or offline businesses. Start marketing your business. What ever medium of marketing you choose ensure that you do not spend much money on it. There are lots of free online marketing methods on the internet. Ensure that you utilize them before going to the more advanced pay per click ones.

You need traffic

Traffic is a recipe for success. For you to achieve meaningful results you need to drive traffic to your website. More traffic means more clicks on your website = more success. One way of driving traffic is to post timeless content on your site. Free content is another recipe for building traffic. There is not so much free stuff on this site for now. I am currently working on some free content.

Begin by finding a way to create value with your content. Off course you will not start out perfectly but will continue to improve as you continue to read and post your articles. Remember the more knowledge you gain the better it is for your to write on a topic.


Persistence and patience should be by you side. Ensure that you have the patience and persistence. Success does not easily come but when it comes you will surely be glad. Your efforts will surely pay off with time. Remember to “standout tall and be counted“.

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