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Features of a good affiliate marketing program

There are so many affiliate marketing programs being published and advertised on the internet today. Although this is a good sign that more and more people are beginning to use and appreciate the abundance of wealth and opportunities available on the web, care should be taken. There are also more internet scams on the internet today than ever. Most of these programs will claim to give you success within a very short period of time. They will claim to have the latest ?hot? products that have been recently launched and will ask you to lock in before it’s too late. I am a very slow person to spend money on new affiliate programs.

My approach to them is to get word from persons I know are benefiting from them. These are people I trust and some of them are my upline in the current affiliate marketing programs I benefit from. It is quite difficult though to find such people. But, since I know that they too are prone to making mistakes I have devised a way to help me make sound decisions, before I participate in any affiliate marketing program be it new or old.

  • Credibility of the company – How credible is the company behind the affiliate marketing program? Who is behind this same company? What are they involved in? Remember you do not want to be part of a program that is sponsoring illegitimate activities. This I feel is very important.
  • How long has the company been in existence? – I guess the longer a company has been in existence the more good will and reputable it’s products are. A company that has been in business for more than 5 years has certainly built a good base of good will than the one that has been for less. I say this with exception.
  • Does the program offer free training materials? –It is absolutely ridiculous for me to buy training materials on how to market a product for an affiliate program. A good affiliate marketing program will provide free materials for it’s affiliates. The content of the material will outline the basic requirements to market the products/services and methods of being paid. It should also outline the ordering and delivery system to the customer.
  • The ordering system and customer services should be very clear. The manual should also outline your rewards or benefits for marketing their products/services. How you will access your commission and so forth and so on.
  • Does the program offer to market multiple products/services? – A good affiliate marketing program will not only sell one product/service unless that product/service is extremely popular and important. It will have different quality products or services for different niche’s. This is important as it will give affiliates different sources of income.


The above listed points are some of the major important features I consider before joining or signing up for affiliate marketing program. If the above are satisfactory I make a decision. One such program that has satisfied me is SFI Marketing Program.

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