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It pays to start small

Do not despise the days of your small beginnings” ~ the Bible. “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still” ~ Chinese proverb. Some translations of the bible say “humble” beginnings. I am sure that we all want to succeed in all areas of our lives more especially in the financial areas. It is only normal and nature permits it. I believe that all normal human beings have the desire to wanting to do something that will make them excel and succeed in all life’s endevours’. The biggest problem though, is wanting to climb the tree from the top.

We always want to ignore the basics. Many of us do not want to build a solid foundation for our success, be it in business or personal development. We would rather start reaping from what we have not fully sowed. However, what we do not realize is that the ignorance and avoidance of basics is one of the major contributors to our failures.

The building blocks

To succeed at anything we need to have the building blocks put together. In fact we must firstly acquire the building materials and then put together in the right order. Most of us have acquired the building blocks and I can assure you that a good number of us have better building materials than the successful people. The major difference is that we want to jump the gun. We want to start building the house from the roof. Simply put we do not appreciate our small beginnings. I like this Chinese proverb that says “a journey of three thousand miles beginnings with one step”. And for ever every step taken you have covered distance. In this case your building blocks are the steps you are taking.

As an individual I have learnt to appreciate that for anything that I want to succeed at, the small efforts and inputs that I put in are greatly appreciated and treasured. For I know that it is these small small things that give birth to big things. Remember if you are planning to start running your business do not be discouraged at the amount of startup capital you have. Just start and grow with your business. The more you learn how to handle small amounts of money the more you are training yourself to handle large amounts of money. They say “it is the cents that make the dollars”. Put the cents together and you have a dollar. The more cents you put together the more dollars you have.

It’s just like the human body; it’s made up of small cells. These small cells when put together make each and every tissue, organ and finally the whole body is complete. When you focus on the composition and makeup of the human body you will appreciate that all growth comes from within; and you appreciate that small things when put together they add up to something big.

Start small

I know we all want to start big and quickly move in the comfort zone. The reality is that even the biggest corporations of today started small. A lesson learned from starting small is that you grow with the business and develop a discipline for managing it. Nature is such that you will hold dear what you have worked for and have seen grown it from scratch. It is very different to be given a lot of money that you have never handled before in your life, the likely hood of mismanaging the funds are higher than when you have toiled for the same money.

Starting small and ensuring steady growth also gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. I am not against anyone who start big, my experience has shown that those who grow their businesses from a small scale are more likely to succeed than those who start big. I personally feel more comfortable to start with something I can handle and improve on it as the business grows.

Even in the area of personal development, change will not come like manner from heaven. Change will come through the small everyday efforts that we put in.


In order to succeed we must appreciate the days of our humble beginnings. We also appreciate that all form of living things are made of small components and remember that it is the cents that make the dollars. Learn to cherish those days and thank your creator for them. The days of your small beginnings are your learning curve and building blocks for your success also remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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