Decide to be happy everyday and enjoy your life

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

There are two things to aim at in life: first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second” – Logan Pearshall Smith. Everyday is a beautiful day that is filled with joy and happiness, but also everyday is a beautiful day that is filled with sadness. If every day is a gift why do you then decide to live a life of sadness. We live our lives based off, the decisions we made in the past. That is why it is better to make the right decisions today that will affect our future.

Am not perfect but everyday that I wake-up I thank God almighty for giving another opportunity to better my life. I believe that for as long as you are alive you have the chance of improving your life and that of the people around you and beyond.

Yes, I know you may not be in a position to do the things you want to do now, but you have the chance because you are alive. One thing I have noticed is that we as human beings take life for granted. We do not take time to appreciate the fact that we are alive and in pretty much good health. If you are reading this article you are even more privileged than most people. It simply means that you have access to a computer and the internet.

However, you accessing them, these things cost money. Do you know how many people cannot even come close to think about having the privilege you have? Yet you continue living a life of sadness. I know that you may not have all you desire, but at least give thanks that you are alive. Life is not just about having all you desire but living happily and enjoying it.

Take responsibility for your decisions

The biggest weakness we have as human beings is not taking full responsibility for our decisions. We only want to take responsibility when things are going right and people are praising us. I believe that taking responsibility for our mistakes is a sign of maturity. I am proud to take full responsibility for my personal decisions. Sometimes its difficult to accept that am a certain situation because of my decisions but that’s just the truth. If I had made better choices I could not have found my self in difficult circumstances in the first place. Ever since I decided to be taking full responsibility for my decisions life is more fulfilling and enjoyable. What this has done is that, before I make a major decision I think about it very hard.

I have also learnt that deciding to be happy early in the morning makes my day a lot easier to navigate. I know that sometimes people want to mess it up for me, but because a decision was made in the morning to be happy, I stick with it. My mind is pre-conditioned to stay happy and this flows to my emotions. They say our thoughts influence our emotions. When you decide on something and you stick with it, nothing can shake you. Yes things my be thrown at you, but you have the resolve to be happy and you will be even during the bad and difficult times.

One of the things I do when confronted with a potentially explosive situation is to just smile and walk away if I can or better still just keep quiet. Its hard to just walk away at first especially if you are hot tempered, but with practice it becomes easier.

There is no need to allow people to annoy you. Life is too short to be lived sad. God has given us the ability to choose freely. The power to decide is entirely in your hands. I like to make a comparison with say going out to have fun with friends. most of the time when something goes wrong we blame the company we were hanging around with for the decisions we made. Yes they may have played a part but the final say lies in our hands. If you say no to taking part in un wanted situation you can. This also goes to being in a toxic relationship. You can either decide to continue in it or you can get out.

Learn to enjoy your life

Life is too short, learn to enjoy it. You can only enjoy life if you decide to and this decision is entirely yours. There are many ways to enjoying life, one of which is to do the things that make you happy more often. Most of us do not enjoy our lives simply because of the jobs we do. If your daily job does not make you happy you are most likely living a sad life.

The happiest people are those with jobs that make them happy. You can be paid as much money as possible but without happiness the job is meaningless. You would be probably contributing more if you found a job that makes you happy. Now, a job does not necessarily mean being employed by someone or working for a big corporation. You could be self employed and earning a decent living by doing the things that make you happy. “Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do” – Gerry Sikorski.

That is why it very important to know your life’s purpose earlier in your life. This helps in choosing careers that will enhance and help you achieve your goals. One of the ways to know what your life’s purpose is, is to list down the things that easily flow from you. The things that you do with much ease and less effort. These are the things that could point you to what your life’s purpose is. It could be that you are gifted at making people laugh, well go ahead and be a professional comedian. The idea is start living and enjoy your working life. After all we spend most of our time working.

If you have made mistakes in the past like me, don’t worry, there is still room for change. You can make the change right now and decide to do the right things for the rest of your life. And besides who has never made a mistake in their life? Forget the mistakes you made, treat them as a learning point and move on. You cannot change the past but can positively influence your future beginning this moment by making the right decisions.


You don’t pay the price for success. You enjoy the price for success” – Zig Ziglar. I would like to conclude by advising you to made a decision to start living a happy life. Get your power back by taking responsibility for your decisions. We all fall down, but we get up and press on with life. Until next time have a blessed and happy life.

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Be open minded and flexible to change

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

We live in a society that is constantly evolving and therefore, it is important that we adapt to change in order that we enhance our personal development and growth. Change is inevitable especially with the continuous advancement of technology and information gathering. It is very unwise to have a rigid mind that does not easily accept change. Most of us are in this category. You should keep an open mind and focus on the things that will help you achieve your personal goals. Make sure that you make the change as and when necessary in the processes you are imploring to achieving your goals. However, stay focused on the ultimate goal. “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” – Charles Dawin.

The best leaders are those that do realise when to make the change and implement it as and when necessary. In my journey for personal development and growth I have had to make lots of changes in the way I do things without compromising on my personal values and I always keep my focus on my goals. I keep an ear to the ground and am always willing to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the ever changing environment. Flexibility does not mean you accept failure, it is just one way of doing things quicker and effectively. You will agree with me that a few years ago posting letters was done mainly through the post office where as now we are living in the advent of emails and other technological messaging systems. These have entailed that we drastically change the way we do business. Imagine if you remained behind and still just want to use the post office for sending mails to your clients as opposed to using the various platforms that are quicker. If you are into sales you will definitely be out of business.

Nearly everything has evolved over the last decade or so and it is therefore, inevitable that you have a flexible mind and change the way you conduct your daily business. Being a computer programmer myself who learnt programming in a language called COBOL in the early 90’s I know how much the computer industry had changed. In fact COBOL has been obsolete for a very long time now. If i did not move with time it would have been difficult for me to keep up with the industry. Some of you will agree with me that some of the things you learnt at school a few years ago are no longer applicable now. The key thing about change is that it can either be the better or for worse. You should always understand what the pros and cons are for a certain change before initiating it. Take time to learn and appreciate it.

Keep Learning and improving your skills

As a human beings it is very important that we are continuously learning and keep improving our skills if we are to be relevant to industry. I am always reading and learning new skills on a daily basis. My current target is to read 12 Books by 31st October 2019 as a way of improving my skill set this is on top of my other everyday readings. I will keep reviewing this on a quarterly basis and see how much progress am making. I also want my site to be one of the best personal development and self growth websites in the next five years. To achieve this I have set out to keep reading and learning new technics that will be of value to my readers. This means that for me to rank in the top bracket, the site will need to have very updates in terms of articles. Not just articles but good quality articles that are helpful. I have also noticed that its builds my confidence to talk about the subject of personal development.

Improving your skill set is one major way to improving your chances of achieving your personal goals with more pleasure and less pressure. I know for sure that in the coming months I will be more confident and motivated to write very meaningful articles. I am also currently learning article writing technics. Those of you who have been reading my articles will agree that there is a tremendous improvement with my articles. With the new skills being acquired I also intend to do a major face lift of the earlier articles and bring them up to the desired standard. These are some of the goals that I have set for this website.

I encourage you to take learning and improving your skill sets very seriously regardless of what you are involved in. The most successful people are constantly reading and learning new skills as this is the only way to keep them above the competition. If you are in sales for example it will do you good to learn how to spend more time with your customers who are more promising, so as to close your sales more quickly and efficiently. There are lots of ways you can increase your knowledge. You could either decide to go to school or have a deliberate habit of spending more time reading industry related materials. An investment in your knowledge and putting what you have learned to practice is a sure way of improving your skill set.

Be willing to pay the price

If your goal is a financial one make sure you set a clear price of what you will pay for what you want to earn. If you want to earn a certain amount of money say $5K every month ensure that you begin giving society the equivalent of $5K in value every month. In other words be willing to pay the price. Start with one or two streams of income and broaden them as you get comfortable with the current ones. Be very honest with your self and do not cut corners by doing illegal things. Having multiple streams of income is a very good safe guard as when one stream dries up due to various reasons, you will still have another one generating  income as needed. On this website my major source of income is google adsense. There are a few other affiliate programs that I recommend but currently google adsense seems to be doing much better than all of them. I intend to include more streams as time goes by and as the site starts to generate more traffic.

I am  also pretty sure that as the traffic increases the google ads will generate even more revenue than what is currently obtaining. I hope to publish the income figures in the future. Currently its really nothing to talk about. The encouraging thing is that if I can generate $1 per day then I think it is possible to generate $2, $3, $4 per day and so on. I just have to keep working hard, until I get the desired results before moving on to implement the other streams. I have noticed that those who are financial sound do not just have one source of income but they have learned to have multiple sources of income doing what they love most.

I believe that it takes time and effort to build something worthwhile, this am determined to achieve and very motivated to seeing it come to pass. Like I said in my earlier articles this website is just one way of my contribution to the world. It is my prayer that everyone who reads my articles at least gets inspired by them. I have so far written 99 articles averaging 1,000 words per article this is a whooping 99,000 words on this website, Wow.

Experiment with change

Human beings are always fearful of change and usually do not like it. Change always brings with it a lot of things and mostly we are reluctant to change for fear of failure. Remember failure is just an opportunity to do things differently. We must learn to embrace change and be able to adjust accordingly. It is also important to experiment with change and focus on the opportunities it brings along. We are always fearful to change especially when we think we do not have adequate knowledge and expertise to go along with it. Sometimes it is just that we are accustomed to doing things in a certain way and sudden need to change our habits is usually un comfortable. I know how frustrating it maybe. I have been their before.

What I have noticed so far is that change always requires us to learn new things and puts a challenge on our abilities. I guess life would have been very boring without change. In your daily endeavours I encourage you to experiment especially in the area of technology, before you fully implement the new one. This will give you a better understanding of the new changes and what is actually required and expected of you. At the rate we are going in the field of technology I am always one of the last people to jump on the new changes. I will be very honest with you I have never been a fun of microsoft windows 10. I find it very difficult to navigate through and always struggle when am using it. But I guess that at some point windows 7 & 8 will be obsolete and I will have to make the change.

As human beings we need to accept mistakes and make the necessary adjustments. Experimenting comes with a lot of mistakes and the only way we can quickly move on is to accept them. It does not help much to start pointing fingers on who is wrong and who is right but rather focus on correcting the mistake. This is true especially if you are in a leadership position. Besides the success or failure of a group is all credited to the leader. A good leader takes responsibility especially for the failures of a team, he will give credit to the team for its successes.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer. You cannot stop the wind of change when it blows in your direction regardless of what you are doing. If you want to grow exponentially you need to learn how to embrace change and work to improve your skills. Remember that change always comes with various opportunities and you should always be on the look out to identifying and benefiting from them. A good leader always reads ahead of his followers and is quick to give direction in the advent of the ever changing environment.  I hope you will keep an open mind and be flexible to embracing change as the will help you to “standout tall and be counted”.

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Goals and goal setting

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” ~ Unknown. Goal setting is the one activity that sets apart achievers from those who are surviving or just getting by. By goal setting we are enabled to create the future we want to happen rather than live the future that others want to happen. Goal setting enables us to take greater charge of our daily lives.

In this article I outline some of the ways to help set reachable goals.


You can base your goals on anything you want, although the chances of your success are significantly increased if firstly you base them on your strengths and secondly on your opportunities in the field your are currently under taking. It is very important to know your strengths and weakness before undertaking any goal setting venture as this will help you decide what naturally flows from within you.

Do some self research such as a personal SWOT, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. When conducting a personal research note the following:-

  • Your strengths are the things you are good at and enjoy doing. Using your strengths for goal setting will usually provide some sort of motivation as you go on.
  • Weaknesses are the things you have to do, but these are things you dislike or make slow progress at them.
  • Opportunities are the external circumstances you expect to arise, create or already exist and expect them to aid you moving towards your set goals.
  • Threats are those external circumstances that are very unlikely to help you move forward and would probably set you backwards.

Whilst we must keep on working to improve our weaknesses and keep a close eye on the threats it is very important that our goal setting should be based on our strengths and opportunities.

Keep your dreams alive

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt. The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream. You must realize that all who have achieved great success first did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing, DESIRING, and PLANNING before they succeeded.  You may as well know, also that every great leader, from the dawn of civilization down to the present, was and is, a dreamer. One of the factors that restrict many people from reaching their full potential is the belief that we should not aim for big dreams. Yet all evidence for most successful people is that they have kept their big dreams alive and have fully pursued them without giving up. It is very important to keep your dreams alive and to pursue them without giving up.

I have learnt to break down my dreams into smaller achievable goals and to always make changes that improve my chances of achieving them. Remember that big dreams come with greater responsibility and that “big goals attract big resources like a magnet”. Having dreams makes my life more interest to live. Yes sometimes days do not turn out as planned but what is life without challenges? I do not give up just because the day has not turned out as hoped for, but rather I focus on the positive things that come my way.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of freedom for the black slaves, he kept his dream alive and put it into action, and barely missed living to see a united North and South translate his dream into reality. That is how important it is to keep your dreams alive and acting on them.

Write down your goals

The best way to keep your dreams alive is to write them down and read them every often to constantly remind you of the bigger picture. There is something different when you write down your dreams as opposed to just keeping them in your head. DO NOT depend on your memory alone. I have a note book that has all the dreams intend to achieve; this is like the blue print of my life. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants, can’ts into cans, dreams into plans and plans into reality.

The act of writing clarifies your goals and helps you keep a record of your dreams and goals. Writing down your dreams acts as a commitment to your goals. This will eventually aid you when you are doing your daily goal setting activities as these will be tailored to the overall bigger picture. You can also add reasons to your written down goals so as to give you motivation and help check your progress on a regular basis. So don’t just think it INK IT. One of the best aid I have discovered is the habit of daily goal setting.

Pursuing your goals with passion and desire

The driving force behind your goal achievement is your passion and desire. You must desire your goals constantly, vividly and with a burning passion, knowing that you have already achieved them and are now working towards realising them. When you do, it is almost impossibly to fail at what you are aiming for. The importance of pursuing our goals with passion cannot be over emphasised that is, why it is most wise and very cardinal that we set our goals based on our strengths and what we enjoy doing. Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich says that “when a man really DESIRES a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win”.


Goal setting is central to maximising and realising our potential because it enables us create something unique and new in our lives it also allows us to feed our goal oriented brain and puts us in control of our future. Set your goals as big as you can this will help challenge and stretch your capacity and ability. There are many ways that can be use to help with goal setting the above are just but some of the ways I have personally devised to help me in my endeavours. Remember to also build your goals around your strengths and the things that you enjoy doing. “standout tall and be counted”.

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Personal success and development carnival – First edition

Welcome to the First edition of Personal success and development carnival. I hope to create this as a source for linking you to some great articles across the blog-sphere. Personal development is essential for us all to help change the world for the better. It is my prayer and hope that you will find these listings helpful, uplifting and motivating. Do not just stop at reading them share them and act on them. Hope to see you soon. If you are interested in having your post included in an upcoming edition of the carnival, please follow this link.

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Personal development
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Positive thinking and Success
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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog articles to the next edition of personal success and development carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Inspiring and empowering others to help you

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” ~Tony Robins.  “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives” ~ Tony Robins. No man is an island. Personal success and development cannot be achieved in isolation. God has abundantly blessed us with people in our lives that we can rightly use to achieve our life’s purpose and goals.

Each and every person you have come across in your life has a part to play and it is entirely up to you to recognise that and help them to help you move closer to your life’s purpose. In this article I discuss three important ways to empower our associates. Firstly let me make mention that there are 3 groups of people in our lives; firstly those close relations, these will include your family, your friends, your spouse and children; secondly your work relationships, these will include your colleagues, work mates including your boss. Thirdly all the other people you come across on a day to day basis.

You need to know how to interact these people in order for you to help you achieve your desired life’s purpose and goals. The key areas I have identified are listed below.

There is no single person I have come across in my entire life that does not like or rather feel good when they are appreciated. This is perhaps the most important aspect of getting people to like you and do what you would like them to do. You must learn and be in the habit of thanking people even for the smallest of things they have done for you. A simple smile and a “thank you” goes a long way in lifting the other persons morale.

At least say thank you for the effort even when what you have been given is not exactly what you asked for. Let the other person feel appreciated when serving you. Appreciation lifts the self-esteem of human beings. The feeling of appreciation is an intense one and can make or break someone’s self-esteem. Imagine yourself working for a boss who does not seem to appreciate whatever effort you put in your work.

Imagine the feeling of not being appreciated after you have spent so many hours on an assignment. But then contrast this with the feeling of being appreciated even for your very small efforts. You will even put in more extra time because you feel that your work and presence are being appreciated.

Remember, everyone is primarily emotional.  Everything that people do, or refrain from doing, is triggered by their deeper emotions.  Your job is to connect with their higher and more positive emotions so they feel so good about you they want to help you and please you in some way. If you are in a supervisory position it will really help you to spend more time with your subordinates inviting their feedback and comments on their work. This I believe is one of the best methods to get their work approved as they will understand what is expected of them.

Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when your work is approved by your manager. You feel like the work is personally yours. Believe me having a highly, motivated worker can yield results beyond your imagination. If your personal goal is very dependent on other people’s input you need to devise methods that are consistent and gain respect from other people. You need to be nice, friendly and courteous. I encourage you to read more on people management. In life, you always have a choice.  You can either do everything yourself or you can get others to help you do some of the work.

The third and final aspect of empowering others is attention. Just like every one of us love attention in one way or the other. Learn to listen with a keen interest. Pay attention to the details that keep people motivated and work to improve them. If you have a difference with say a work colleague. Do not argue with them but reason with them. Listen to their explanation and make sure you understand the reasoning behind.

I have experienced this especially with women. Even when they know that you cannot help them but just the fact that you will listen to them makes a difference. The fact that you will give them the attention they need, will greatly improve their self-esteem. If you are married that is lesson number one for you.

Your ability to delegate effectively, which requires that you inspire and empower others to help you willingly, will determine how fast you move ahead.  It will determine how much you earn in your job. It will determine the quality and quantity of your productivity.  It will determine your ultimate financial success in life.  And the key to all of this is your ability to empower others. Remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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The secret and source of power

The possibilities of thought training are infinite, its consequence eternal, and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance” ~ Marden. Before we go further lets define the word power “the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality”. We are all embedded with the ability and quality to do something. You and I have been equipped with the power to do something be it good or bad. No one on this earth can claim to have no ability to do anything you have the ability.

Since all human beings have the ability and quality to do something one would then expect all of us to lead very successful and fulfilling lives. However, this is not to be, the difference lies in knowing the secret of power and the source of it; the use and application of this power; the realization of power. In this article I try and outline the secret and source of power.

The source of power

The question to ask then is what is the source of this power? You will get the idea of the source of power as you go along reading. I now understand that the mind and the attitude of it are the most important elements of success and personal development. What your mind thinks is what you eventually become. In other words you are in your current position because of the thoughts you entertained.

The thoughts you harbour in your mind are key to your success. If you want to make lots money, have the money consciousness. The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action, and mental action depends upon consciousness of power; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.

This mental attitude is our personality and is composed of the thoughts which we have been creating in our own mind; therefore, if we wish a change in conditions all that is necessary is to change our thought; this will in turn change our mental attitude, which will in turn change our personality, which will in turn change the persons, things and conditions, or, the experiences with which we meet in life. This however, is no easy matter, but with persistent effort it may be accomplished.

The source of all this power is the universal mind, from which all things proceed and which is one and invisible.

The secret of power

Well you have known the source of power the next step is to learn the secret of power. You may know the source but now you need to learn how to harness it. Like I always say knowledge without action is useless. You need to be conscious of power, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective world; it is brought forth into tangible expression. Put simply your thoughts are transmuted into reality. Have you ever realized that even the earth was first a thought according to the bible? “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth”. Correct me if I am wrong but, I believe that GOD thought and visualized what the earth would like be before creating it.

The secret of power is in the consciousness of it. The secret of success is one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master-Mind. He thinks big thoughts and the creative energies of mind find no more difficulty in handling large situations, than small ones. Mind is just as much present in the infinitely large as in the infinitely small.


This is probably one of the most difficult topics I have written this far. I can only hope and pray that I have answered some of your questions and motivated you read even more. There is more stuff to read on this blog and I would encourage you to browse what topics may interest you. Bye for now remember to “standout tall and counted”.

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You are gifted and talented

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice” ~ Indian Proverb. “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” ~ Sir Winston Churchill. Each one of us is uniquely designed and made. We are all designed to be interdependent. In this article I want to remind and encourage you of how important and relevant you are to humanity. I want you to realize that you have something to contribute towards the wellbeing of humanity.

I have noted with great concern on some of the negative questions being asked on one of the major websites. And to make matters worse they are coming from kids as young as 15 years of age. Most of the questions are to do with giving up on life. Imagine a 15 year old kid is giving up on life even before he actually begins. I always ask myself this question; imagine Albert Einstein; Henry Ford; Thomas A. Edison and the many other inventers and discoverers had given up on their lives, what would the world be today?

Your gifts and talents may not amount or march the great discoverers and inventors of the past, but it plays a very significant role in the advancement of humanity. You have a very significant and important role to play on earth. Myles Monroe says the richest place on earth is the grave yard. This is where you find inventions that were not invented; dreams that where not realized; songs that were not sung; buildings that were not built and many other things that the world has been deprived of.

Ask not what the world will do for you but, what you will do for the world. Stop thinking from within the box and in fact let’s remove the box all together. The human race is like a body. The body cannot function properly with a missing part, don’t be those missing parts. Do not rob the world of your talents and gifts. Do not deprive us of your contribution to humanity. We need it greatly. You are not living by accident but for a reason and purpose.

If you were almost giving up on life sit down and thank your God that you are still alive. There are so many things to thank your creator about and let alone obey his words by contributing to the well being of humanity. I personally have learnt that there is no little contribution. It all adds up to something. It is high time you started using your mind constructively.

You see everything is conceived in the mind. Our minds are the workshops for all that we see. The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional. We have become free! We have removed the box. We have evolved.

The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action, and mental action depends upon consciousness of power; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.


Every human being including yourself is as important as the next one and the one before. I want to encourage you not to look down upon yourself. You were created to contribute to humanity and your contribution is valuable. This all starts with you realizing and appreciating how important you are to the whole world. DO NOT rob us of your gifts and talents. Just like you have benefited from the inventors of computers we also want to benefit from you. Remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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4 Tips for inspirational and motivational thoughts

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be” ~ Horace Bushnell. One of the keys to being able to maintain the motivation levels for any project is found in the ability to stay positive no matter what the circumstances are. Having a positive mindset is not only an asset to any endeavor but also to the individual as people generally like being around positive minded people.

There are several ways to learn how to stay within a positive mindset always. Below are just some simple recommendations anyone can follow to have positive thoughts:

The mind
Perhaps the first recommendation would be to start with the focus of the mind at any given time. Our mind is key to staying motivated and inspired. Training the mind to only recognize the positive elements in any situation or circumstance is one good habit to follow. This is because the perception formed in the mind generally dictates the rest of the individual’s response. Therefore if the mind is able to process information in a positive manner then there is a better chance of facing any potential problems successfully. See related articles the power of thought and knowledge is key to success.

Motivation is from within. “When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself; is you; you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully” ~ The master key.

Being in the company of other positive minded people also helps to ensure the cultivation of the individual’s own positive mindset. Keeping negative people from being a permanent fixture within one’s everyday activities would be a step in the right direction. You must be mind of the people you surround yourself with. I believe that all people we meet with have a bearing and a purpose in our lives. Not all of them are beneficial though.

Try and evaluate all your mates and companions and see what each one of them adds to your life. I can tell you for myself I know amongst my peers who to approach when I am in need of assistance in a certain area say financial; spiritual etc. At least I have an idea of the characters of some of my friends and those I normally associate with and I know what I draw from their lives.

Nothing can substitute knowledge and this comes through hearing and by reading. Another interesting way of staying positive is to surround one’s self with positive posters, quotes, audio and visual media exposure and maybe even trying to commit to memory some helpful and positive abstracts or statements. Attending personal development; self growth workshops and or seminars is another good way to staying motivated.

I have made it a point to read at least one new motivational book every month. This is besides my daily reading of the bible. I can attest that the bible is probably the best book on motivation and inspiration. You can never go wrong reading the bible. Staying motivated also requires that you read books that motivate you at least once a day for thirty minutes.

Proven scientific research has shown that regular exercise can also help regulate the chemical balance in the human body and thus create the positive energy that is needed to keep a positive mindset. Thus following a regular exercise routine would be a definite advantage. Meditating and yoga may also help to achieve the same positive mindset as it is predominantly geared towards this end.

There are also some mind exercises and games that help grow your minds. I personally play chess besides a weekly physical exercise schedule. I prefer to do my physical exercise in the early hours of the day. This makes me feel very refreshed as I go about doing my daily business.

Inspiration and motivation is the art of imbibing, the art of self-realization; the art of adjusting the individual mind to that of the Universal Mind; the art of attaching the proper mechanism to the source of all power; the art of differentiating the formless into form; the art of becoming a channel for the flow of Infinite Wisdom; the art of visualizing perfection; the art of realizing the omnipresence of Omnipotence. “Opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge, eminence flows progress. Always the spiritual first, then the transformation into the infinite
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and illimitable possibilities of achievement.” ~
the master key. Stay motivated and inspired “standout tall and be counted”.

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Leadership Motivational Personal Development

5 Qualities of leaders and motivators part 2

This is the final part of a two part series. If you missed out on part 1 please click here before you continue. In part one I talked about the first two qualities and these are vision and courage. We learned that we are all born with these qualities and that the difference between leaders and followers is the expression of them to the world. I also talked about the importance of vision and courage in leadership. In this issue I will write about integrity; realism and responsibility as the other qualities of leadership and motivation.


“In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action “~ Aristotle. My third quality is integrity. I believe integrity underlines all other qualities. The measure of integrity is determined by how honest you are in your critical areas of your life. How honest do you handle other peoples finances. Can someone trust you with their valuable possessions? Can you be trusted with handling say public matters even when it means that you will lose popularity in the short term?

Integrity means that you, as a leader, admit your shortcomings. It means that you work to develop your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. Integrity means that you tell the truth, and that you live the truth in everything that you do and in all your relationships. Integrity means that you deal straight forwardly with people and situations and that you do not compromise what you believe to be true. “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock”. ~ Thomas Jefferson


True realism consists in revealing the surprising things which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing” ~ Jean Cocteau. The fourth quality of motivational leadership is realism. Realism is a form of intellectual honesty. The realist insists upon seeing the world as it really is, not as he wishes it were. This objectivity, this refusal to engage in self-delusion, is a mark of the true leader. A leader accepts situations as they are and transforms them to his advantage.

Those who exhibit the quality of realism do not trust to luck, hope for miracles, pray for exceptions to basic business principles, expect rewards without working or hope that problems will go away by themselves. These all are examples of self-delusion, of living in a fantasy land. Yes I know that miracles do happen but not without you playing a part. The part you play and the amount of faith you have will definitely be a determining factor.

The motivational leader insists on seeing things exactly as they are and encourages others to look at life the same way. As a motivational leader, you get the facts, whatever they are. You deal with people honestly and tell them exactly what you perceive to be the truth. This doesn’t mean that you will always be right, but you will always be expressing the truth in the best way you know how. There by excising your integrity in the process.


It is said by Brian Tracy that “the happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life”. This is the mark of a true leader. The fifth of motivational leadership is responsibility. This is perhaps the hardest to develop. It is the duty of a good leader to accept responsibility no matter what the outcome is. In the same manner as when the out is positive he takes all the parting on the back. He should take the brunt when things have failed.

If, instead of accepting responsibility when things go wrong, you make excuses, blame someone else and simultaneously become angry and resentful and blow up, this may cost you. Personal leadership and motivational leadership are very much the same. To lead others, you must first lead yourself. To be an example or a role model for others, you must first become an excellent person yourself.

There is no dodging responsibility. Know also that you are responsible for your own life. Your very own life is in your hands. You are responsible for your actions. Wrong or right, bad or good they are your actions. If you want to become more, more of you is expected. “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”. ~ Tony Robins


Finally, take action. You know that all mental preparation and character building is merely a prelude to action. You become a motivational leader by motivating yourself. And you motivate yourself by striving toward excellence, by committing yourself to becoming everything you are capable of becoming. You motivate yourself and others by continually looking for ways to help others to improve their lives and achieve their goals. You become a motivational leader by becoming the kind of person others want to get behind and support in every way and remember that we all have the five qualities in us wake them up and see how far you can go. “Standout tall and be counted”.

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Leadership Motivational Personal Development

5 Qualities of leaders and motivators part 1

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams. This is a two part series in which I am illustrating the 5 qualities of leadership and motivation. We are all born with leadership qualities regardless of our situation the difference is how much of it, do we show the world. I thought to talk about these just so as to remind us about our leadership qualities. You may not be in a leadership position but you are the leader of yourself. If you are a parent like me then you are responsible for providing leadership to your family. Men and women are leaders and bot posses almost the same leadership qualities. Find herewith, the five qualities of leaders and motivators.

The first quality is vision. I have never come across great leader without vision. All great leaders have a vision. Perhaps vision is the single most quality that, more than anything else separates great leaders from average leaders.  The more vision you have the more likely you are to succeed. “All successful men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose”. ~ Brian Tracy. A good leader does not get caught up in the day to day activities this is the work for his followers. The Bible says “where there is no vision the people perish” ~ Proverbs.

But remember that we are all born with this quality called vision. If you focus in your area of interest it does not matter what area is, you will be a great leader in that respect. “Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements” ~ Napoleon Hill.

The best way to motivate others is to firstly motivate yourself. I have attended some personal development workshops and the first thing that strikes me is the level of motivation by the speakers. Believe me if you yourself are not motivated and are trying to motivate others it will show. Example you cannot talk to people about how to make money when you do not have the money to show for it. You must at least show some potential for earning the money or demonstrate that you are actually earning the money. I sometimes come across adverts in the streets, about how someone will give you some lucky charms for getting rich when they themselves are living in poverty.

One of the most powerful tools for all motivators is the commitment to excellence. The best motivational vision you can have for yourself and others is to strive to be the best. Be in business or in whatever area of leadership you are be the best. If you are not the best strive to be among the best at least standout.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged” ~ The Bible. The second quality of a leader is courage and is the distinguishing characteristic of a true leader. You can often see it in a leader’s words and action.  A true leader speaks with courage and boldness. It is always easy to set a vision and standards for yourself. But it takes a lot of courage and humility to abiding to your aspirations. We all have what we want to be in life or rather achieve. At least I have formulated my life’s purpose and moving towards achieving it. The distinguishing factor is having the courage to make certain unpleasant decisions that will help us in the long run. When you set certain standards for yourself trust me temptations will come your way so as you compromise with your standards and this is when your show your courage by resisting them.

Remember when I said that we are all born with these qualities? It is the level of growth that differentiates leaders from followers. I believe that all growth is from inside. And that what we are, is as a result of what has developed from the inside.

The foundation of character is the combination of courage and integrity. The first form of courage is your ability to stick to your principles, to stand for what you believe in and to refuse to budge unless you feel right about the alternative. Courage is also the ability to step out in faith, to launch out into the unknown and then to face the inevitable doubt and uncertainty that accompany every new venture.

I give the example of Alexander the great, the king of Macedonia. He became king at the age of 19 and managed to conquer great nations with mightier armies than he had at the time. Simply because he refused to remain at home when his soldiers went to battle instead he was the first one to charge at the war front. He lead by example by letting his men know that he believed in the outcome of every war or battle they fought and that motivated the soldiers to do even more.

For now I end here. In the next series I will mention the remaining three qualities of leaders and motivators that is integrity; realism and responsibility. “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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