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You cannot change the past

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that is why they call it present”- Unknown origins. You cannot do anything to change your past neither can you delete it. But you can do something with the present to help shape your future. Look, we all have closets and in those closets are skeletons. I mean, “Some of those skeletons would even refuse to be shown to people”. Well, if you do not have skeletons, with time you will surely have them. Whether you want to share them with the world is entirely up to you. Simply put, there is no one with a perfect past.

Even the most successful and humblest of people have skeletons in their closets. I have done somethings in the past that am not proud of. Really, some of the stuff I did, if I could go back in time, equipped with the knowledge I have acquired, I would change them. Unfortunately I can’t neither can you. I am here and doing what am doing mostly because of my past.

Your past experience helped to shape your present. You therefore, need to learn to live and appreciate your past good or bad. What we should be preoccupied with is trying our level best to lay a better foundation for the future.

You cannot make progress by dwelling on your past. The past is history. Its gone, let go of it. You cannot continue crying over spilt milk. You can only embrace and accept the past. Learn from it and move on. I believe that there are lessons we can take from our past, that can be taken into the future. Growth demands that we learn from the mistakes we made and from the people around us. Human beings tend to be more wiser as they grow older. They say experience is the greatest teacher. If you cannot learn from your past experiences, well then you must be untrainable. But I believe that all human beings are trainable.

The importance of learning from your past

You cannot expect different results if you keep on doing the same things over and over. You cannot expect to succeed if there is nothing you are doing about it. If you believe that practice makes perfect; you need to change your belief system. I grew up believing that practice makes perfect until, I learned that actually practice makes room for improvement which leads to improved results. Learning from the past is what gives us wisdom. It is what makes us grow. Sometimes am left wondering what is wrong with our current generation. We want to start climbing the tree of success from the top. We want to experience success without going through the mill.

When things go wrong do not go with them. You will agree with me that wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with age. Every little positive change that you make in life is important. It takes you closer to your goals. We must realise that change is not sudden and is not easy. Just because you made a mistake at your last job and got fired does not mean you must give up. Get up and accept your mistakes and take responsibility for them. Learn from them and stop blaming your boss for having you fired, he was merely doing his job. I know its not easy when you lose a job especially in the current economic situations. But I believe that God allows such things to happen so as to position you for better things to come.

Learning from our past experiences cannot be over emphasised. It is of paramount importance that we all learn from our past experiences. It all begins by first knowing ourselves better. Over the last few years I have become an ardent student of my self. You heard me right a student of myself. You will be amazed to learn that most of us do not know ourselves very well. The fact that I now understand my self better than before is very helpful in my everyday life. I know when to do things more efficiently and what conditions I will thrive in at any particular time. I have learnt over time what sort of music will motivate me to write articles and will influence my working mood. All this has come by seriously paying attention to my self.

Live life in the present

Well, it is good to reminiscence about the past. But, this should not be your preoccupation because no matter how good your past was it is but history. Yes, it was good while it lasted. Life dictates that we move forward. If you are not moving forward then you are moving backwards. Life is never static. Charles Haanel in his book the Master Key says “Opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge, eminence flows progress.” My understanding of this is that if your life is not moving forward or rather if you are not taking action, opportunity will surely pass you by. There comes a time in ones life when things seem be impossible. That is when we are required to show our strength and tenacity.

I have a very good friend of mine, I wont mention his name for now. Actually his my childhood friend. This is a very intelligent and brilliant guy but has failed to progress because he still lives in the past. He has literally failed to move on in life. Every time we meet our discussions are mostly centred on the past and he never seems focus on the future. This is a guy that has gone from being one of the most promising talents in his field to being one of the most an reliable employee. All this simply because of not accepting his previous mistakes and learning from them, and as a result opportunities have passed him by because he still lives in his past glory.

What am trying to say is that we must learn to live in the present. Enjoy today. Remember today is called present. It is your present from God almighty. Make sure you do the right things. Do not take things for granted. Take every opportunity that comes your way with both hands and live your life.


I would like to leave you with one of my favourite prayers “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer. For me this prayer summarises what we need to do in life. It recognises that fact that we cannot change the past and that a bright future belongs to the courageous. Have a wonderful and successful live and always remember to “standout tall and be counted”.

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To change is to be progressive

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer. Change comes from within. To ignore change is to accept defeat. Successful people are those who embrace change. Without change there is no meaningful success. I guess change is an agent of success. Before success, comes change. If you intend to succeed at anything you are involved with, you cannot expect to achieve different results if you are doing the same thing’s that make you fail. One of the biggest stumbling block to achieving our goals, be it personal; organisational and indeed financial, is a luck of change in our attitude. John F. Kennedy once said “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past and the present are certain to miss the future”.

I personally have failed before, actually many times and I keep failing on a daily basis. One of my latest shortcomings is not being able to fulfill the challenge to publish 29 articles in the month of February as promised. Have I given up on the challenge? No. The shortfall taught me to set reasonable and achievable targets. It was a worthwhile target but, one that needed a lot of time and dedication to implement. However, I reserve it for the future. I now know what adjustments are needed to make, for a challenge of that magnitude and nature.

Learn from every challenge

There are many lessons I took from the previous challenge. However, I will mention just a few here. The biggest one being that I needed a lot of time and dedication. But during the implementation period I was faced with a lot of time constraints. I could not devote enough of my time to writing articles, as there were other more pressing matters to be attended to. This is not to negate the importance I attach to this website. In fact the plan for this website is to grow it to be the number one stop for personal development and growth materials. It is more of a long term than short term project. However, the other matters were short term and more of a physical nature and they really drained my energy.

I needed to come up with a practical way of article writing, regularly or better still on a daily basis. Unfortunately I stayed in my comfort zone. I now need to move out of my comfort zone if I have to fulfill the vision and plan for this website. It is also my plan to write and post articles that I feel add value to my readers. In other words I write content for people not for the search engines. With the lessons learned this far I hope to begin to show that movement out of my comfort zone. I now know without a shadow doubt that I do not expect to achieve my goals without a radical change.

The other lesson learned is that I lost my focus. They were times that I could have written something but lacked total concentration. To write valuable content you need to be relaxed and focused and let your thoughts flow on paper. My friends who are artists will agree with me that you need to be focused and inspired when write a song later alone sing it.

You have the capacity to change

Do not doubt your ability to change. We all have the capacity and ability to change. If you want to achieve anything, you will need to change and adapt your ways and mentality to winning ways. I believe that there is no short cut to achieving our dreams. Hard work or rather smart work is the key. The bible says “do not despise the days of your small beginnings” – Zechariah 4:10. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step in the right direction. Emphasis is the first step. The first step is as important as the last step.

You will not move a mile if you do not take the first step. Every step that you take counts towards your goal. Every small change that you make is important. You have the capacity to make those small adjustments and before you know it you will have made bigger adjustments.

Any change that you make is progressive. Every one of us can be progressive by changing one thing at a time, no matter how small. I know for a fact that all of us have things we want to change. There is no perfect individual on this earth. One of the many mistakes we make is wanting to succeed without changing our ways. I find this totally impossible. I believe that success comes with change.

How do we prepare for the future

There are many factors that should be considered when preparing for our future. Some of them are beyond our control. However, we must always endeavour to change those things that are in our control. Brian Tracy says “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you”. I believe that we all have a chance at succeeding. I also believe that life gives each and everyone of us a second chance.

A lot of things that will help shape our future are within our own grasp. Most of us miss the opportunity to help shape our own future through foolish decision and end up making mistakes that come to haunt us. I know that sometimes the mistakes we make can be very fatal. But, remember that we all make mistakes and the most successful people have learnt from their own mistakes.

The most important ingredient to success is to make the change and stop making the same mistakes over and over. Decide today to make the change and start moving towards a better life. It is never too late to make the change. Start by accepting that you are responsible for your own life. Acknowledge that you owe it to yourself to live a better life. Stop blaming your parents for what they never gave you; your government for the limited opportunities; your siblings for not sharing or indeed your spouse. You are totally responsible for everything that you do. Go out there and conquer the world.

I strongly believe that there is more than enough wealth in the world to go round. If we all played our part we could help change the world for the better. The world today is short of so many things. You are the solution to some of the challenges being faced. Dig deep within you and unleash that solution that the world is so craving for. Dr. Myles Monroe says “the richest place on earth is the grave yard”. Because buried there, are dreams and ideas that were never realised.


If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we don’t grow we aren’t really living” – Gail Sheehy. In order for us to make meaningful achievements we must set goals. As a human being you should have your own personal development goals; relationship goals; financial goals and above all spiritual goals. We must never forget that God loves us all regardless of our ethnicity and what our past holds. As I conclude and in view of the current outbreak of the COVID-19, I encourage you to keep our medical personnel and leaders in prayers. We can also play a very important part by staying at home and keeping a social distance. Let us all standout and be counted in the fight against this pandemic. GOD BLESS.

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Be open minded and flexible to change

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

We live in a society that is constantly evolving and therefore, it is important that we adapt to change in order that we enhance our personal development and growth. Change is inevitable especially with the continuous advancement of technology and information gathering. It is very unwise to have a rigid mind that does not easily accept change. Most of us are in this category. You should keep an open mind and focus on the things that will help you achieve your personal goals. Make sure that you make the change as and when necessary in the processes you are imploring to achieving your goals. However, stay focused on the ultimate goal. “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” – Charles Dawin.

The best leaders are those that do realise when to make the change and implement it as and when necessary. In my journey for personal development and growth I have had to make lots of changes in the way I do things without compromising on my personal values and I always keep my focus on my goals. I keep an ear to the ground and am always willing to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the ever changing environment. Flexibility does not mean you accept failure, it is just one way of doing things quicker and effectively. You will agree with me that a few years ago posting letters was done mainly through the post office where as now we are living in the advent of emails and other technological messaging systems. These have entailed that we drastically change the way we do business. Imagine if you remained behind and still just want to use the post office for sending mails to your clients as opposed to using the various platforms that are quicker. If you are into sales you will definitely be out of business.

Nearly everything has evolved over the last decade or so and it is therefore, inevitable that you have a flexible mind and change the way you conduct your daily business. Being a computer programmer myself who learnt programming in a language called COBOL in the early 90’s I know how much the computer industry had changed. In fact COBOL has been obsolete for a very long time now. If i did not move with time it would have been difficult for me to keep up with the industry. Some of you will agree with me that some of the things you learnt at school a few years ago are no longer applicable now. The key thing about change is that it can either be the better or for worse. You should always understand what the pros and cons are for a certain change before initiating it. Take time to learn and appreciate it.

Keep Learning and improving your skills

As a human beings it is very important that we are continuously learning and keep improving our skills if we are to be relevant to industry. I am always reading and learning new skills on a daily basis. My current target is to read 12 Books by 31st October 2019 as a way of improving my skill set this is on top of my other everyday readings. I will keep reviewing this on a quarterly basis and see how much progress am making. I also want my site to be one of the best personal development and self growth websites in the next five years. To achieve this I have set out to keep reading and learning new technics that will be of value to my readers. This means that for me to rank in the top bracket, the site will need to have very updates in terms of articles. Not just articles but good quality articles that are helpful. I have also noticed that its builds my confidence to talk about the subject of personal development.

Improving your skill set is one major way to improving your chances of achieving your personal goals with more pleasure and less pressure. I know for sure that in the coming months I will be more confident and motivated to write very meaningful articles. I am also currently learning article writing technics. Those of you who have been reading my articles will agree that there is a tremendous improvement with my articles. With the new skills being acquired I also intend to do a major face lift of the earlier articles and bring them up to the desired standard. These are some of the goals that I have set for this website.

I encourage you to take learning and improving your skill sets very seriously regardless of what you are involved in. The most successful people are constantly reading and learning new skills as this is the only way to keep them above the competition. If you are in sales for example it will do you good to learn how to spend more time with your customers who are more promising, so as to close your sales more quickly and efficiently. There are lots of ways you can increase your knowledge. You could either decide to go to school or have a deliberate habit of spending more time reading industry related materials. An investment in your knowledge and putting what you have learned to practice is a sure way of improving your skill set.

Be willing to pay the price

If your goal is a financial one make sure you set a clear price of what you will pay for what you want to earn. If you want to earn a certain amount of money say $5K every month ensure that you begin giving society the equivalent of $5K in value every month. In other words be willing to pay the price. Start with one or two streams of income and broaden them as you get comfortable with the current ones. Be very honest with your self and do not cut corners by doing illegal things. Having multiple streams of income is a very good safe guard as when one stream dries up due to various reasons, you will still have another one generating  income as needed. On this website my major source of income is google adsense. There are a few other affiliate programs that I recommend but currently google adsense seems to be doing much better than all of them. I intend to include more streams as time goes by and as the site starts to generate more traffic.

I am  also pretty sure that as the traffic increases the google ads will generate even more revenue than what is currently obtaining. I hope to publish the income figures in the future. Currently its really nothing to talk about. The encouraging thing is that if I can generate $1 per day then I think it is possible to generate $2, $3, $4 per day and so on. I just have to keep working hard, until I get the desired results before moving on to implement the other streams. I have noticed that those who are financial sound do not just have one source of income but they have learned to have multiple sources of income doing what they love most.

I believe that it takes time and effort to build something worthwhile, this am determined to achieve and very motivated to seeing it come to pass. Like I said in my earlier articles this website is just one way of my contribution to the world. It is my prayer that everyone who reads my articles at least gets inspired by them. I have so far written 99 articles averaging 1,000 words per article this is a whooping 99,000 words on this website, Wow.

Experiment with change

Human beings are always fearful of change and usually do not like it. Change always brings with it a lot of things and mostly we are reluctant to change for fear of failure. Remember failure is just an opportunity to do things differently. We must learn to embrace change and be able to adjust accordingly. It is also important to experiment with change and focus on the opportunities it brings along. We are always fearful to change especially when we think we do not have adequate knowledge and expertise to go along with it. Sometimes it is just that we are accustomed to doing things in a certain way and sudden need to change our habits is usually un comfortable. I know how frustrating it maybe. I have been their before.

What I have noticed so far is that change always requires us to learn new things and puts a challenge on our abilities. I guess life would have been very boring without change. In your daily endeavours I encourage you to experiment especially in the area of technology, before you fully implement the new one. This will give you a better understanding of the new changes and what is actually required and expected of you. At the rate we are going in the field of technology I am always one of the last people to jump on the new changes. I will be very honest with you I have never been a fun of microsoft windows 10. I find it very difficult to navigate through and always struggle when am using it. But I guess that at some point windows 7 & 8 will be obsolete and I will have to make the change.

As human beings we need to accept mistakes and make the necessary adjustments. Experimenting comes with a lot of mistakes and the only way we can quickly move on is to accept them. It does not help much to start pointing fingers on who is wrong and who is right but rather focus on correcting the mistake. This is true especially if you are in a leadership position. Besides the success or failure of a group is all credited to the leader. A good leader takes responsibility especially for the failures of a team, he will give credit to the team for its successes.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer. You cannot stop the wind of change when it blows in your direction regardless of what you are doing. If you want to grow exponentially you need to learn how to embrace change and work to improve your skills. Remember that change always comes with various opportunities and you should always be on the look out to identifying and benefiting from them. A good leader always reads ahead of his followers and is quick to give direction in the advent of the ever changing environment.  I hope you will keep an open mind and be flexible to embracing change as the will help you to “standout tall and be counted”.

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8 ways to help you maximise your potential part two

Motivational Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” – Anatole France.


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” – Serenity Prayer


Cease to ask what the morrow will bring forth, and set down as gain each day that Fortune grants” – Horace.


Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present” – Unkonwn

This is the second article of a two part series on 8 ways to help maximise your potential. A quick reminder of the definition of the world potential according to the oxford dictionary “potential is having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future“.  Personal development and growth is a vehicle that you can use to help maximise your potential. We are all built with potential, that is waiting to be unleashed and maximised. “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential.. .these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence” – Eddie Robinson. Lets get straight into it and see what the remaining 4 ways are:-

Know yourself

You will be amazed to learn that many of us do not know ourselves very well. It may sound absurd that am talking about knowing yourself but it is very important that you know yourself and have total control of your being. I believe that self knowledge is the starting point of maximising your potential. It gives us an insight into understanding our capabilities. Knowing your self will help you understand where your natural strengths lie and how well you can combine them to take advantage of the prevailing opportunities.

Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson in “play to your strengths” outline five different ways in which we can discover our strengths as outlined below:-

  • Listen for yearnings – normally our yearnings are often triggered when we hear or see someone doing something we would like to do or feel we can do it better. You will agree with me that there is something you are yearning to do but do not realise it because you have not paid attention to your self.
  • Watch out for satisfactions – what really satisfies you? When you get a glow of satisfaction from doing something (work related off course) even though we may not understand why, this is most likely one of your strengths.
  • Watch out for rapid learning – a strength is usually characterised by rapid learning. Am very sure that you do have things that you learn more easily than others. This will usually continue for a longtime if not a life time.
  • Be aware of moments of excellence – position your mind to be alert to your moments of excellence. I believe that each and everyone of us has had a moment of excellence in their lives.
  • Watch for total performance of excellence.

Over the years I have learned to be a student of my self. Learning is a continuous process and so from time to time I do a personal re-evaluation. This process has so far proved to be very important and of great use to my personal development and growth.

Make the change for new things

Don’t get stuck in the survival or maintenance modes of personal development and growth. You need to make the change for new things in order to maximise your potential.  We live in an ever changing world and the only way to keep moving forward is to embrace change. Most of us have a reputation of resisting change. I know that change comes with at a price but it must be embraced as it usually comes with different opportunities. “Your current conditions do not reflect your ultimate potential” – Anthony Robbins.

Life demands that we move with time and everyday is a new day. It is also important to be always reading and improving your skill set. Knowledge is key to success and you should always be willing to learn on a daily basis. There instances when you cannot change some situations due to various factors but you can change your mind set and behaviour. The only factor that you have control over is yourself. Many of us fail because we do not want to change our habits and behaviours to accommodate the ever changing environment.

Set your goals and stick with them

Perhaps the starting point to maximise your potential is goal setting. The importance of goal setting cannot be over emphasised. This is one of the cardinal principles in personal development and growth. When your have set your goals it is important that you stick with them and do not be distracted from achieving them. Persistence and perseverance will be key in achieving your goals. Stay focused and motivated as you pursue your goals.

You should set goals that are realistic and achievable. However, you should not limit yourself to setting goals that will not challenge your ability. You are capable of achieving more than you can image. God made you to be a solution to the world and the way I see it now the world needs more solutions than ever. For more details on goal setting please read click here.

Take action

Continuous effort! not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential” – Winston Churchill. Maximising your potential requires that you take action. A journey of a thousand miles requires that you make the first step in the right direction. Regardless of what your plans are for your life just get started. Its only when you take action that you begin to realise your potential. Without taking action you will never realise your full potential and a later on maximise it. Taking action is the fuel to living your dream. Once you get started on your journey there will be obstacles that you will encounter. These obstacles should not stop you from re-focusing.

You should make a commitment to achieving your intended life’s purpose. Your success will only be achieved by taking action. Do not let procrastination still your success. Do not let failure stop you from achieving your goals. Instead make a commitment to pursuing your goals and live to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I know for a fact that everything worth while does not come on a silver platter. There is much joy in living your dream without short cuts. I always try to do things right and straight it makes my life much easier and leaves me with a piece of mind. So far so good.

I have made a commitment to ensure that this blog becomes one of the preferred sites in the areas I have fashioned it to be. This commitment is for life. I will continue to write and post articles on this site for as long as I possibly can. I know for a fact that it is helping someone out there and that is the biggest motivation for me. This site is one of my contributions to help change the world for the better.


Consult not your fears, but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you have tried and failed in, but for what is still possible for you to do” – Pope John XXIII. There are many ways that you can use to help maximise your potential, the 8 ways mentioned in both articles are just some of them. I recommend that you develop the habit of reading and have an open mind to learning. Remember that personal development and growth is not a competition but a personal journey to be walked by you alone. Bye for now and  as usual “standout tall and be counted”.

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Change your mind and enjoy your success

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.  The starting point for success is determination and belief, both of which begin in the mind. Determination and belief opens your mind to new opportunities to do and to be anything you desire. You are where you are because of your mind set. Your personal progress is mainly determined by your mind set. The more open, your mind set is the more success you can achieve. It is amazing how much success can be scored just by changing the way think and do things. One of the major elements of success is openness of your mind. Let’s look at some of the things we need to do to help us change our minds.

Renew your mind

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – The Bible. Your mind is the key to your success change the way you think and you open your way to success. Our minds are always clogged with dirt and need to be renewed on a daily basis. You renew your mind by reading positive and inspirational books, listening to personal development lectures, attending workshops on personal development and many more. Where do you get your inspiration from; where does your help come from? My number one source is reading the Bible. I have come to appreciate that the Bible is a wealth of inspiration. Reading the bible and applying it to my everyday has been very beneficial to personal development and success.

When you renew your mind rid it of the old thinking and bring upon it a new thinking. Mind in itself is believed to be a subtle form of static energy, from which arises the activities called ‘thought,’ which is the dynamic phase of mind. Mind is static energy; thought is dynamic energy – the two phases of the same thing. Thought is therefore the vibratory force formed by converting static mind into dynamic mind.

Watch your self-speech

The statement “there is power in the tongue” may come as a surprise to some but the statement is as true as can be. What we say about ourselves goes deep down our subconscious that what other people say about us. Your opinion about your self is cardinal and should always be a positive one. Speaking positively about ourselves helps us renew our mind. We are constantly telling the mind what to think of ourselves.

If I get promoted
I am not good enough
I’ll never amount to much
I always fail at that

Are some of the negative speeches we make about ourselves. These negative speeches come from our daily programming. You could probably list a thousand negative statements about yourself.

These however, must be replaced by positive speeches like;

When I get promoted
I am good enough
I’ll amount to much
Next time I will not fail at that

Positive speeches help to motivate and uplift ourselves. We must always ensure that we speak positively about ourselves regardless of the situation and circumstances.

Focus your mind

When we let our mind focus through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time you will see how nothing becomes impossible to achieve. It is important that we keep our mind focused on our intended purpose of our lives. If you have ever looked through the viewfinder of a camera, you found that when the object was not in focus, the impression was indistinct and possibly blurred, but when the proper focus was obtained the picture was clear and distinct. This illustrates the power of concentration and focusing.

Keeping your mind focused on what you want to achieve in life sends out energy to attract the necessary conditions to enable you achieve your intended goals. An open and positive mind allows the universe to act upon your inner thought energy and create that which you seek.

If you truly desire something so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. This is right set of mind needed to succeed. You need to continue burning with the desire to achieve your set goals.


Success is having achieved that which you determine you will do!” you determine what success is for you. It is not based on what other people are say about you but what you say about yourself. In whatever, we do or intend to achieve the mind plays a very central and critical role. Change starts by changing our minds. Success comes by changing our minds. As you grow in your character always remember to “standout tall and be counted”.

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