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Stand on your two feet

Each step upward makes me feel stronger and fit for the next step” – GANDHI. Everyone of us has a privilege to life and this comes with the great responsibility of improving our lives with the choices we make. To those of us who are striving to become whatever we have set our eyes on, the key is to be able to stand on our own two feet. A famous Chinese proverb says “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” in the right direction of course. Whatever, you want to achieve in life cannot be achieved without you standing on your own two feet. Get me right, yes you need people around you as you go on. You cannot succeed without people around you. I have not come across a successful person who is a loner. In this article I will try and outline the importance of standing on your own two feet.

Why stand on your two feet?

I believe that as a parent the best gift you can give to your children is the gift of freedom. Allowing them to make decisions on their own and providing guidance as they learn to stand on their own two feet. When you teach your children how to catch fish, they will surely not be dependant on you for fish. One of the biggest mistake I see in our society is that children are not taught how to catch fish at the right age. Parents will continue to spoon feed their children and not letting them learn the realities of life. I thank God for my late father who taught me to work hard for everything that I possess. I realised at a tender age that my father’s assets are not mine but his.

Again I thank God for giving me a country were we have freedom to so many things without government interference. Standing on your own two feet means freedom to me; freedom to express myself; freedom to do whatever I want to do.  We are born to be free to decide what kind of life we want to lead. Break the chains of dependency and enjoy the freedom of standing on your own two feet. Enjoy the freedom to make choices that build on your character on a daily basis. We all should learn to stand on our own in whatever, we do in life. Be it financially or socially. We were created to core exist but to be able to stand on our own feet. When you are able to stand on your own that is the time you can give the world your best.

How many of us enjoy being perpetual dependants on someone for survival? I certainly do not enjoy it. Life demands that we move from being a dependant to being dependable. We have a huge responsibility to be taken up that is to be dependable and not being a perpetual dependant. There is nothing wrong though on being dependant in our infancy and childhood. we do not just stand on our two feet from nowhere but we learn to stand on our own through our every day experiences and choices we make.

Learn from the past

Learning is a continuous process. We are learning something new everyday. It is this knowledge that we accumulate over time that helps us grow. To be able to stand on our own feet we must learn and appreciate past experiences. They say experience is the best teacher, very true. What you have learned through your own experience will stick to your mind much more than what is taught by someone else. I personally have taught my self how to use most computer applications that I know of. I have learnt through experience that most computer user applications almost the same, usually the difference is minimal. Notice that even when you are confronted with a situation that you have come across before decision making is usually based on past experiences.

Life has a lot of ups and downs. The people who have succeed in life have failed before and people who are not successful are failures. We all have come across challenging situations. Some have remained stagnant because they have accepted defeat. I have not accepted defeat and will continue to soldier on. Personal growth does not come easy. The daily experiences we encounter add to our growth. We are an expression of our exposure.


To stand on your own two feet is one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive in life. We always ensure that we are striving to stand on our own. I know that life has a lot of challenges and many of these are a stepping stone to greater growth. We choose to accept what we cannot change and instead change our inner selves, learning whatever there is to be learned. This is the only way we can grow and learn to stand on our own feet. Remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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