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Take stock of your achievements

The year is slowing but surely drifting away. I thought to write and remind you of the past periods achievements if any and take stock of them. I believe that this is one of the best ways of making prudent judgments of ourselves. What have you achieved so far out of your current periods resolutions?

Sometime ago I thought making resolutions was a share of time. Believe me I was absolutely wrong and truly regret that thought. Now for the past few years I have made it a point to always make resolutions at the beginning of every year. This has become a cardinal part of my life. This you should train yourself to do if you are to achieve your intended purpose in life, resolutions are basically plans and planing is a cardinal part to achieving your intended purpose in life. I encourage you make reasonable and attainable resolutions for yourself.

Monitoring your progress

First things first you will need to have a clearly defined and definite purpose for your life written down. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

The yardstick to achieving your desired purpose in life is to give yourself yearly targets (resolutions) broken down into quarterly, monthly or and weekly targets. This will help you to review them on a regular basis. I believe that planning is an integral part to attaining your purpose and I know that plans can be reviewed, amended and modified accordingly.? Do not hesitate to modify one or two bench marks.

Taking stock

To take stock you will need to have things. Example if you set out to count the number of eggs left in a tray you will need to have eggs in place. That is exactly same with us. To take stock of your targets you need to have targets that are achievable and measurable in place. Check your targets for specifics say your goal for the year was to read 36 books. Have you achieved this target; if not how far are you from achieving your target; what impediments are you facing from being on track?

Write down your results i.e your answers to every goal you had set out. Give yourself a score of 1-10 honesty is key here. 1 for poor and 10 for excellent results. Review your results fairly giving a comment on each answer including the ones were you scored high. Be very honest with yourself. Remember we are to account for all our abilities including the weak ones.

Make an analysis of your results especially how you can improve on the below average scores. If need be, change your approach in the coming year/period. Remember to always write down what you intend to improve on. Give your previous year’s resolutions to someone who knows you better for an independent assessment. Although I strongly recommend that their opinion should be taken with caution. Ultimately you are the best judge when it comes to knowing yourself.

Also take note of the ones on which you scored high, I believe that there is always room for improvement. You will need them to consolidate on your way to achieving your definite purpose in life. Give yourself a pat on the back for the achievements good or bad. Atleast you have started moving somewhere. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.

Next period’s resolutions

Why do you want to make resolutions for the coming period? My answer is to help me in the planning of how I can move closer to achieving the definite purpose of my life. The resolutions will act as a meter or gauge I can use towards attainment of my intended purpose.

After analysing and summing up last year’s achievements setout and plan for next year or the coming period. Write down specific targets with a specified time frame. Remember to incorporate last years failed targets into the current ones. This will help to making you work even harder as you will now be carrying a back log. Over your stronger abilities demand even more so as to consolidate on them.

Be very realistic to give yourself attainable targets as this will keep you confident and motivated every time you achieve them. Break down your yearly target say to quarterly, monthly etc, and ensure that you set periodical reviews.

If you feel you need to adjust please do not hesitate to do so remember that you are not competing with any one. You are only pushing yourself to achieving your intended definite purpose in life. After putting down your plans for the year, setout and commit them to Gods hands for direction. God will surely come through for you if you call on him. He is a faithful God.


In your endeavors to achieving your definite purpose always put your creator first, he has the blue print of your existence. Persistence and patience should be your driving force to achieving your desired purpose in life. Lastly HAVE FAITH IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Good luck. Remember to always “standout tall and be counted” in everything that you do.

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