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You are what you choose

Your current life is a total summation of the choices you have made in life. The choices you make in life are a direct reflection of the life you are leading today. Albert Camus said “life is the sum of all your choices“. We continuously choose our way of life everyday, breath by breath and choice by choice. I have come to appreciate that the way I lead my life is my own choice. Everyday I choose what to wear; eat; whether to be happy or sad etc. It is all entirely up to me to choose. No one will come and make a choice for me they can only offer suggestions. Some people may have influence on the choices I make but, ultimately the choices are  made by me. They are mine and not someone else s’.

Choose wisely

Since our lives is a summation of our choices it is very imperative that we make wise choices. A well lived life is not an accident. Some of the challenges we will face in the future are unprecedented therefore, we must be prepared to make good choices. We will not always make wise choices and will have to live with the consequences as a result. But the good thing is that we have the ability and power  to change them under new circumstances and new knowledge. You must learn to make choices while remaining flexible to change. This does not mean you must have a mind weak mind. Make sure that before you decide you are convinced that the choice you have made is the best one available.

In life every situation presents us with a good alternative choice to take. I know that some situations may be very difficult and precarious but there is always a better choice to make. You may not have all the information to make a good decision but I believe that decisions have to be made good or bad. I call indecision is a disease. Failure to make decisions stagnates us. We remain at the same place while we watch our friends progress. Indecision is what has stopped most people from achieving their intended purpose’s in life.

Take responsibility

We do not generally suffer from others; we suffer from ourselves. I have shown you the way to liberation, now you must take it for yourself” – The Buddha. Well said by the Buddha. Most of the people I know do not want to take responsibility when some thing they are in charge of goes wrong. When it is time to be praised they take full responsibility this is a typical human nature. You see we are responsible for our lives period. We are responsible for what we think, eat, drink, dress etc. We are responsible for our success and failure. Until you understand and take responsibility for your current situation you will never improve it. Taking responsibility is key to improving our well being. When choices are made they are made by us. We therefore, have a huge responsibility to enforce our choices. Remember they are ours made by us.

I have come to appreciate taking responsibility for every situation I find my self. I find it very helpful when I take responsibility for the situation and most of the time I see the situation improve or completely disappear. I do not blame my self or anyone for it whether good or bad I just take responsibility for it. Yes sometimes am tempted to put the blame on someone but I have learned to tune my mind to take responsibility for every situation I encounter in life.

You may ask that why should we take responsibility for the choices we make? The reason is simple you want to be associated with them because they are yours. When you succeed at something are you not proud of it? Yes you are happy of it because you associated your self with the success. The more reason why you must take responsibility even for the failed choices so as to make better choices in future.


We live a life of choices. Everyday poses a great challenge to our lives. You should learn to prepare your self for the next decision to be made when you are faced with a difficult one. The choices we make shape what we expect to be in the future. Search your self deeper when confronted with a difficult situation that needs you to make a wise choice. Always make choices that best suite your life and preserve your integrity. Choose wisely for your life depends on the choices you make. Remember to “standout tall and be counted” for all the choices you make.

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