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You have something to give

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice” ~ Indian Proverb. “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” ~ Sir Winston Churchill. Each one of us is uniquely designed and made. We are all designed to be interdependent no single person in this world can say he is independent and does not need the other. In this article I want to remind and encourage you of how important and relevant you are to humanity. I want you to realize that you have something to contribute towards the well being of humanity. Whatever, your situation or background you have something that everyone does not have.

I have noted with great concern on some of the negative questions being asked on one of the major websites. And to make matters worse they are coming from kids as young as 15 years of age. Most of the questions are to do with giving up on life. Imagine a 15 year old kid is giving up on life even before he actually begins living. I always ask myself this question; imagine Albert Einstein; Henry Ford; Thomas A. Edison and the many other inventors and discoverers had given up on their lives, before their inventions or discoveries, what would the world be today?

Your gifts and talents may not amount or march the great discoverers and inventors of the past, but it plays a very significant role in the advancement of humanity. You have a very significant and important role to play on earth. Myles Monroe says the richest place on earth is the grave yard. This is where you find inventions that were never invented; dreams that where not realized; songs that were not sung; buildings that were not built and many other things that the world has been deprived of. I pray and hope that you will not be a grave yard statistic but will leave a legacy to be remembered.

Ask not what the world will do for you but, what you will do for the world. Stop thinking from within the box and in fact let’s remove the box all together. The human race is like a body. The body cannot function properly with a missing part, it may function but with a lot of difficulties, Do not be those missing parts. Do not rob the world of your talents and gifts. Do not deprive us of your contribution to humanity. We need it greatly. You are not living by accident but for a reason and purpose.

If you were almost giving up on your life sit down and thank your God that you are still alive. Many are struggling to hang on to life yet you have it for free. There are so many things to thank your creator about and let alone obey his words by contributing to the wellbeing of humanity. I personally have learnt that there is no little contribution. It all adds up to something. It is high time you started using your mind constructively.

You see everything is conceived in the mind. Our minds are the workshops for all that we see. Our minds are the power engines of our lives. The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional. We have become free! We have removed the box. We have evolved.

The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action, and mental action depends upon consciousness of power; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.


Every human being including yourself is as important as the next one and the one before. I want to encourage you not to look down upon yourself. You were created to contribute to humanity and your contribution is valuable. This all starts with you realizing and appreciating how important you are to the whole world. DO NOT rob us of your gifts and talents. Just like you have benefited from the inventors of computers we also want to benefit from you. Remember to always “standout tall and be counted”.

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