Welcome to insakanet.com. The purpose of this website is to help you grow as a person and develop to contribute positively to society. “If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development” ~ Brian Tracy. Many of us are living lives that we do not want yet, we continue with them on a daily basis. God did not create you to be a failure neither did he intend for you to live a life of mediocrity. Failure and mediocrity are “self-inflicted” just like positivity and happiness are decisions. This site is about personal development and self-growth. I will try my level best to write articles that encourage you and inspire you positively. Believe me, no person was born successful and be rest assured we all fall down at some point the difference is how quickly we get up. Everyone has their low moments.

As you read through my articles I encourage you to be open-minded, as a closed mind does not inspire faith, courage and belief. The theme of my web site is “standout tall and be counted” indeed you deserve to be counted and not just being a statistic. On this site, I share both my personal life experiences and what I read from personal development and self-growth books. I will tell you right from the start that the best motivational and personal development book I have ever read is the bible. It is the foundation and cornerstone of my life. I know and realise that we all come from different backgrounds and some of us, life has had a serious toll, to the point of giving up. I come from that side as well and believe me you too can make a positive contribution towards the well being of humanity.

It does not matter what your current situation is or what you are going through, you were created to be a shining star. Do not let your circumstances limit you in your quest to stand out. Yes, you will come across temporary obstacles, never give up. Remember SUCCESS REQUIRES NO APOLOGIES, FAILURE PERMITS NO ALIBIS quote from “Think and Grow Rich”. In fact, let your current situation be the driving force to your being counted. This world has been robbed of a lot of inventions that have never been realised. Do not rob the world of your talents. Imagine what would have happened if the likes of Albeit Einstein, Thomas Edison, and all the other great inventors had decided to give up before their invention came to reality? I am sure that this world would not have been the same. Today we talk about them because they made an effort and helped change humanity for the better.

The idea of this website is to help young men and women re-discover themselves through practical experiences, what positive thinking can do and have a positive attitude and contribute immensely to our different lucking societies. In my life to date, I have discovered that most of us especially young people give up and fail due to lack of encouragement. As earlier said I will try my level best to write articles in this important area of life to help my readers learn and appreciate their own lives. Most of us do not live to our full potential and those that do become heroes. You are “The master of your fate, the captain of your soul because you have the power to control your thoughts” ~ Henley. The bible says “I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me”. If the bible says I can do, then I will do. If I can do, then you can also do. I want you to know that you are full of potential waiting to be unleashed and I hope that we can travel that journey together.

This site will be of help to individuals in the following areas of their lives:-

  • Positive thinking
  • Positive attitudes
  • Leadership awareness
  • Business awareness and opportunities
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Conscious living

These will be the main areas this website will concentrate on though other related topics will be touched as they arise. I have deliberately switched off the comments section of the blogs to help me focus on writing articles rather than concentrate on replying to comments. I hope to find another way of communicating with you. It is my prayer that you will find this site a blessing and will be of value to your life. The contents of the site are based mainly on my own life experiences and through the power of reading. I encourage you to develop a culture of reading as no one can take away the knowledge you acquire. Knowledge is the driving force for personal development. There is no personal development or self-growth without knowledge. Knowledge is power.

I am a strong believer in the saying that “Every Failure Brings with It the Seed of an Equivalent Success“, put simply there is an equal force to failure and success. I think probably, a much greater force to success than failure. If we were to weigh success and failure, success would out-weigh failure. Meaning you are more prone to succeed at anything than fail. Failure is simply the evidence of trying. Those who failed are those who tried and those who succeeded have failed at some point. Failure is just an obstacle to success. Defeat failure and you will succeed. Believe it or not, even the most successful people have failed at some point.

To get you encouraged tell yourself that “no one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality“. Defeat is never a reality until accepted; reject it in your life. You are a defeater. Signup for my newsletter below and I will send you some monthly articles. I will also recommend some powerful personal development books for your reading. Believe me, reading unlocks a lot of our potential get in the habit of reading if you are not yet doing so.

Remember “standout tall and be counted” you actually deserve it.

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